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The Leather Coloring of ACAMAL

“Those very things that we use everyday should be things of beauty”.
ACAMAL is a Japanese brand based on this core belief, while valuing creativity, love, and the spirit of inquiry, launched by designer Mayumi Hasegawa. Our most-used material is leather. However we rarely use leather as is, instead with coloring processes not usually thought possible.

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The Artisans of ACAMAL

ACAMAL collaborates with the most highly skilled artisans in Japan, bringing you products that fuse old traditional techniques and art. Please meet our artisans...

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Custom Made by ACAMAL

Two Types of Custom Orders
1) Semi Custom: Without changing the form of an ACAMAL product, the customer can request a different kind of leather be used. A more affordable option than Complete Custom. Please contact us.
2) Complete Custom: We’ll start from scratch with your choice of type and color of leather, size of item, and type of item
Please refer to the [Past Works page] for previously made bags, wallets, book covers, business card cases, etc.

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