All of the items below are past ACAMAL custom ordered products. Please contact us with inquiries and take a look at our Custom Ordering page.


Pink and gold powder were mixed into urushi to create this unique long wallet. This nuance could only be done with urushi. The wallet can hold up to 150 bills.


A large business bag made of python colored with black urushi. The handle and other accents use deerskin. The interior is made using bright red fabric.


Seven colors were mixed into urushi to create this brilliant genuine leather pouch. The leather that was originally intended to be used for the belt of the earlier notebook cover was given new life as this pouch.


No gold was spared when mixed with urushi to color this business card case. The interior is made with cracked leather. The enjoyment of using this case only increases with the ever-growing sheen of the urushi.


Bright red urushi was used on all sides of this python long wallet with round zipper pull tabs. This is one of the limited edition products made for Tsutaya Tokyo Roppongi.


A genuine leather cover for A5 size notebook using 7 colors mixed into urushi. There is also mother-of-pearl to complete this luxurious piece. The construction is simple.


A python leather case for holding cards as well as coins. The strap is made of the same leather as the case. The case has hand-stitched accents. The python leather was dyed using pink, orange, yellow, and purple.


This was made based on an inquiry from a professional violinist who wanted a boston bag that would last a lifetime. Monotone base with python leather patterned with black varnish. This bag is made with two layers, such that the inner and outer bags can be detached. There are also plenty of pockets between these two, making for a simple yet very versatile bag.


This wallet was made with sheepskin dyed to resemble washed and worn jeans. Pure white deerskin was used for the interior. Both are soft leathers. Accented with black varnish around the edges.


The interior of 04 wallet above. The card slots were custom made to accommodate business cards. The leather is very soft yet durable, resulting in further enjoyment over time.


A business card case made from 100% Japanese cedar wood. The lid has original ACAMAL art in urushi. Uses the ‘ishimeji’ to create the rough, sandy texture. Sold at the Nagoya Hilton in 2012.


A business card case made from 100% Japanese cedar wood. Uses the ‘ishimeji’ to create the rough, sandy texture. Sold at the Nagoya Hilton in 2012.


This business card case was made by ‘tsugaru nuri’, a 300 year-old process of dozens of rounds of polishing and applying urushi. Delight in the change in color through use. Sold at the Nagoya Hilton in 2012.


Eyeglass frames made from the wood of the Japanese zelkova, primarily colored pink by the ‘tsugaru’ method. The complex speckled pattern is achieved by multiple repetitions of painting, drying and polishing, going through a total of 48 processes until completion.


An iPhone 4 case made from a single plank of natural wood with ‘tsugaru nuri’ art.


A poncho made from a single piece of deerskin. The interior uses a silver fabric. This simply designed poncho is closed in front using large hook buttons.


A genuine leather insulated thermal bag. Originally designed to carry around chocolates, it can also be used for wine.


Long wallet made of deerskin with hand-lacquered art.


A camouflage drawstring bag made from cloth. The cord and handle are genuine leather.


A deerskin bag that can carry wine. A combination of khaki and gold color. A two compartment construction. The wine compartment is cushioned.


A deerskin long wallet painted with urushi, an homage to Jackson Pollock.


A genuine leather long wallet that can hold 600 bills. Made with sheepskin (gold).


A cosmetics pouch of camouflage patterned genuine leather.


A key case made of deerskin painted with urushi The edges are lined with gold leather to reduce wear.


The number and position of the key rings in the above key case are adjustable, featuring a one-touch removal design.


A long wallet of deerskin hand-painted with urushi to resemble drips. Easily holds 100 bills. Sold at Hilton Nagoya in 2012.


The interior of the above wallet uses deerskin, which is soft and has character. Features a coin pocket. The zippers are of the highest quality.


A python leather case for a folding fan. The interior also uses genuine leather.


A key holder/strap of genuine leather. The button allows the strap to easily be attached to one's bag. Can carry 5 keys.


A long wallet of urushi-painted deerskin.


An urushi lacquered business card case made from tannin-tanned deerskin.


A business card case with coin pocket. Made of deerskin painted with urushi and gold powder.


A business bag made from lacquer-painted deerskin. The handle is covered with hand-stitched python leather.


A business card case of python leather, with original coloring.


Genuine python leather belts.


A bank book case of patchwork genuine leather using original coloring.


A hand-dyed book cover of soft deerskin.


An iPhone case carved from a single piece of natural wood, colored by urushi.


An iPhone case urushi lacquered by the 'tsugaru' method.


A genuine leather card case hand-painted with urushi.


A long wallet of deerskin hand-painted with urushi lacquer to resemble drips. Easily holds 100 bills.


A coin case of lacquer-painted snakeskin.


Business cards with hand-drawn company logo designs.


A hand-drawn company logo design, imprinted on a bag in gold.


A navy blue coin case of deerskin.


A painting requested by a friend in Shanghai. Black urushi on canvas. More than a picture, the aim was to make several overlapping patterns that coalesced into one.


A painting requested by a friend in Shanghai. Black urushi on canvas. More than a picture, the aim was to make several overlapping patterns that coalesced into one.


Hair barrettes of cowhide using urushi and mother-of-pearl to create the patterns. Because the base object is rigid, the urushi was used freely.


Eyeglass frames using 'tsugaru' method urushi.


A wooden tray covered with black urushi and embedded with mother-of-pearl. This was my first attempt at mother-of-pearl and so I attempted something simple, yet the result turned out better than expected.


A boston bag used for golf shoes and clothes. The snakeskin uses original coloring and is processed to be water-resistant.


A navy blue shoulder bag with pockets on every side, made of soft deerskin. The snakeskin is colored to match and is used as an accent.


A walking billboard - clear vinyl into which one puts ads.
The edge uses genuine leather. The empty space between the clothing and vinyl add interest.


Business card cases made from Japanese cedar. The cover flap is urushi lacquered by the tsugaru method. You can get the cards out one at a time..


A business bag made of dyed python leather. Black, navy, purple, beige, and green are used to create a gradation. The metal parts are colored gold to complement.


A long wallet made from python skin colorfully dyed pink, gray, and orange, edged by gold goat leather. The result was an antique-feeling wallet.


A birthday present from a wife to husband. Made based on inspiration from meeting the client in person to result in something exquisite and powerful.


Made of soft deerskin from Nara and Fujioka, using three kinds of urushi blown on to the leather in three different ways.


A long wallet made of python leather dyed gold. The glossiness helps the diamond pattern of the skin come up surreally from below.


A zip-around long wallet. The entire interior also uses genuine leather.


Python leather coin cases with original coloring. Compact, yet can hold cards and bills.


The interior of these square coin cases can hold bills folded in half. Good for holding one’s PASMO (IC) card also.


A business card case of python leather. Thin yet with depth, this card case can hold many cards. The interior is a red reminiscent of Ferrari.


This leaky bucket was repaired with layers upon layers of urushi.


The repaired bucket. The handle was removed once, reinforced, then reattached.


A long wallet and business card case set. Made from black deerskin with surreal art of black urushi and gold powder mixed together.


Deerskin long wallet. The interior is patterned the same as the exterior for harmony. The gloss of the urushi and the matte of the deerskin provide beautiful contrast.


Deerskin business card case. Simply constructed, with enough depth to hold 50 cards.


A small bag designed to fit an iPad. Designed to be a smaller version of a similar business bag, great for both men and women, business and casual.
Sold at Ginza Carthago in 2012.


Hand-dyed diamond python leather, dyed by the designer herself at an indigo factory in Tokushima. The indigo gradations are eye-catchingly novel.


Making the most of the diamond pattern of the diamond python leather, this key case is a slightly glossy, sexy antique brown.


A key case of beautiful antique horse leather. Developed at a historic tanner in Nagano.


A key case dyed an antique, matcha green tea color, made of diamond python leather. The flap is edged with light and durable horse leather for style and functionality.


Horse leather worked with urushi It was my first attempt at combining these two, and resulted in some shrinkage, which I incorporated into the design, which features a checkered pattern. The interior is pink kangaroo leather.


Mufflers knitted by the designer’s grandmother. The yarn is 25 year-old antique French. 12 cm wide, 200 cm long - slim but warm.


Deerskin from a historical store in Nara, highly valued even among top foreign brands, was specially requested for this item. Urushi and gold leaf is applied by hand to create the beautiful pattern. The handle is intentionally roughly wrapped with deerskin.


Python leather, with its antique yet casual, elegant style, was colored light brown then overlayed with khaki to create a beautiful gradation for this zip around wallet. The zippers are of the highest quality in Japan.


The interior uses white cowhide. The gold double zippers create beautiful lines. The wallet can hold 12 cards and is big enough for a bank book. The depth is also designed to hold bills without bending the edges of bills, of which it can carry up to 200.


An iPhone 4 case of genuine leather with a strap for hanging it around your neck. This item is the result of much trial and error. The phone can be recharged while in the case. Because this left the port open and vulnerable to water, a cover flap was added to the design.


A shoulder bag with adjustable-length straps. ACAMAL’s very first custom made product. The metal components are all brass. Great for carrying foldable umbrellas, long wallets, mobile phones, even some shopping!


This item was requested by a client who wanted a fancy way to carry around wine. Made simply with leather, the interior is thermally lined and cushioned. Of course one can carry items other than wine. The leather is off-white cowhide.


The interior has pockets on both sides for carrying ice packets or other small items. The bottom exterior has metal nubs to reduce impact when the bad is set down.


A wallet request by an actress. After deciding on the form, the choice of leather and design were left up to the designer, who selected pink and yellow to fit the actress. The urushi pattern was applied to pink deerskin. The shiny bits are mother-of-pearl.


After many years of use, python leather inevitably becomes damaged where it is most rubbed. Taking this into consideration, this design uses horse leather colored the same as the python leather where there is the most bending.


A long wallet that can easily carry bank books, too. The request was for a python leather wallet that had presence but wasn’t flashy. Urushi mixed with gold powder is applied to the exterior, strengthening the scales and giving it an ethereal look. The interior is gold lambskin with black.


A request was made for a bag to carry plastic containers specifically for Ziplock bags, stacked two-high, and which one could carry on the shoulder. This bag was designed simply and lightweight. Taking into consideration that cold air flows downward, the interior pockets for ice packets are positioned near the top.


A birthday present based on ACAMAL’s SHIZUKU long wallet, specially arranged. Gold, white, and black urushi art was hand-drawn on purple deerskin, and mother-of-pearl used to add glitter. Depending on the angle, one can practically see the pattern move.


A wide, zip around wallet dynamically making the most of diamond python leather. The python leather was exquisitely colored with three kinds of urushi - silver, purple, and green - and gold flakes. The interior includes the same three colors. The result is divine.


An extravagant key case that uses indigo-dyed python leather. The folding edges use thin and durable leather, while the flat parts are thicker, making this case easy to open and close. The metal pieces are also strong, yet can be easily removed.


A long wallet that can also easily carry bank books. Requested by a husband for an anniversary present to his wife, who likes dark indigo. We even made the edges dark blue. The zipper head is made to fall inward. Some gloss was added to create some sexiness.


A business card case with double depth. It also has a coin pocket and can function as a wallet. Making the most out of the diamond python leather and its natural pattern, this case is dyed pearl pink.


The interior of the card case (86).


A zip around long wallet, on the small side, with lots of storage space. Although it cannot hold a bank book, there are card slots on both sides, for a total of 12 slots. The center is a coin pocket, and two components can hold 100 bills each. Gold zippers of the highest quality in Japan are used


The interior of the python leather long wallet (88).


Deerskin - soft as baby’s skin yet durable. Made with painstaking care and time by passionate craftspeople using Japanese leather. Unforgettable once you’ve held it in your hands. In addition to the supple leather, the artist has painted the exterior with urushi.