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Two Types of Orders
Complete Custom: We’ll start from scratch with your choice of type and color of leather, size of item, and type of item. We will not accept orders meant for resale. For the available choices of leather item, please refer to the [Past Works page] for previously made bags, wallets, book covers, business card cases, etc. Please contact us byemail, theContact page, or phone (03.5926.3955).
Semi Custom: Without changing the form of an ACAMAL product, the customer can request a different kind of leather be used. This option may be considerably more affordable.
* Please note that we cannot ship python leather products abroad from Japan due to the international agreementCITES. However, individuals may take python leather products out of Japan as their own personal luggage.
The Process of Placing a Complete Custom Order
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After the 1 - 3 initial design meetings (1 - 2 hours each), we will provide the customer with the estimate. After receiving payment, we begin the production process. Delivery of the product may be face-to-face or the product can be shipped, as the customer wishes. *Please note that there will be an additional charge for any meetings beyond the initial three.
Complete Custom Estimate and Price
The price will depend on the materials used and design of the particular product. The estimate will reflect everything from the materials to the production of the product.
If the customer wishes to stay with in a certain budget, we can accommodate. If, after the initial estimate is made, the price exceeds the customer’s budget, we can make adjustments, such as simplifying the design of the product or changing the type of leather. Please don’t hesitate to ask. We will strive to make a leather product that stays within what the customer has in mind. After the budget, customer requests, etc. have been discussed, we will provide the official estimate.
Complete CustomPayment and Delivery
After the customer has received the estimate and wishes to proceed with the order, the total price must be paid and production will commence. A Complete Custom order will take approximately 2 - 3 months to be completed. (The exact time needed will vary depending on availability of materials, season, and current order load.)
Returns and Exchanges
All custom orders cannot be returned or exchanged.
* If there are any specific requests the customer has, please make sure to indicate so when placing the order.
<Cancellations before the start of production>We will refund the customer minus the cost of the design planning meetings (¥1200 per 10 minutes).
<Changes during production (e.g., of design, material)>After the initial meeting, the designer will draw up plans and then, upon getting the approval of the customer, ask that the total price be paid. After that, we will begin production of the product.Regarding changes requested after this point, at the first stage of production we dye the leather in order to commence our work. Any changes after the leather has been dyed would be extremely difficult. Also, changes to the design of the product may be made only before production has started. However, there will be a re-design fee (i.e., to the pattern-making, re-design, and re-design face-to-face meeting).
Care for the Product
As long as the leather is still alive and workable, we will work to do any repairs. Please avoid leaving the leather product in direct sunlight or wind/breeze. If the product is not flat, putting crumpled up paper inside helps to avoid deformation and damage.
If, while using the product, something happens such as a metal part coming off or the leather starts looking shabby, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will repair it for you, using the same parts and leather as far as it is possible. The cost of repair will depend on the particular condition of the product.
If it is found that the product is in some way defective due to our company, we will cover the cost of repair. Also, this is applicable to a period of up to one year from the purchase of the product. We do not carry responsibility for any accidents due to the use of our products.


ACAMAL (アカマル)は、『日常生活で美しいものを使う』という信念を元に、創造力・愛・探究心を持って、長谷川真弓が中心となって立ち上げた日本のブランド。中でも多く使われる国産レザー。本革をそのまま使用する、ということは極めて少なく、デザイナーが自ら特殊技法で絵や模様を描いたり、藍染めや漆を施した革を使用しています。オーダーメイド、カスタムメイドも可能です。