ACAMAL (アカマル)は、『日常生活で美しいものを使う』という信念を元に、創造力・愛・探究心を持って、長谷川真弓が中心となって立ち上げた日本のブランド。中でも多く使われる国産レザー。本革をそのまま使用する、ということは極めて少なく、デザイナーが自ら特殊技法で絵や模様を描いたり、藍染めや漆を施した革を使用しています。オーダーメイド、カスタムメイドも可能です。

About Ordering

Can we order by phone?

Yes. You can reach us at 03-5926-3955. Office hours are 11:00 - 17:00 (Mon - Fri). Please use email when English speaking staff are not in.

Can we cancel after placing the order?

It may be possible if it’s within 24 hours of ordering. Please send an email with the date and time of the order, your name, the shipping address, and item ordered.

Can we make changes or add to an order after placing the order?

It may be possible if it’s within 24 hours of ordering. Please send an email with the date and time of the order, your name, the shipping address, and item ordered.

It said the item is out of stock...

Because our products are sold our by our authorized retailers, we may sometimes run out of stock. If you find that an item is out of stock in our online store, please contact us ( If we can start making the item immediately, it should take 2 - 3 weeks. If it is not possible to make the exact same item anymore, we can discuss the item as a custom made item (e.g., discussing what materials are available).

How do I order a custom made item?

Here in the online store, custom made means you can pick an existing product and order it with a different kind of leather, a different color, and have it without a pattern if it already has one. Please contact us ( with your request - after that, we will respond with what is possible as well as time needed and price. Time needed is usually 1 - 3 months.

About Payment Methods

What payment methods are there?

You can use bank remittance (Japan Post, Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ) and also credit card.

Can I change payment method after placing the order?

Unfortunately this cannot be changed after the order is placed.

About Delivery

Can we choose shipping company?

Generally we use Sagawa but we can also switch to Yu-Pack. The shipping fee for orders under 28,000 yen is 500 yen.

Can we designate delivery date and time?

Yes. Please indicate these when you place your order.

How long until my purchase is delivered to me?

If your item is in stock, it should take 3 - 7 days. Please inform us if you are in a hurry. If your item is not in stock, the time needed depends on the item (and corresponding manufacture time); in this case, we will contact you.

About Our Products

Doesn’t urushi irritate people’s skin?

Urushi that is completely dried poses no danger to the skin. However, it is possibly that an item coated in urushi may be dry on the surface but still not completely dried underneath. Some people may experience skin irritation if they touch such an item.
The skin irritation is due to an allergic reaction to the main component of urushi, called urushiol. It is said that it takes 3 months for urushi to completely dry (with variance due to temperature and humidity).
Please rest assured that completely dried urushi will not cause skin irritation.

What is urushi?

Urushi is the sap from the urushino tree. This tree is mainly found in southeast Asia, China, Korea, and Japan, with much variation depending on location.

Why use urushi?

Urushi is one of the natural materials used since long ago in Japan. It has various advantages in contrast with artificial chemical paint, such as not containing toxic substances. Below are some of the advantages in using urushi:
- Urushi is the naturally occurring sap of a tree, so it is not toxic.
- When urushi dries and hardens, it becomes an extremely tenacious coating. It is durable against acids, bases, salts, and alcohol. It is also waterproof.
- It exhibits a beautiful coating not seen with other paints and finishes, one of its primary appeals.
- Generally paints and finishes start degrading once they are applied, but urushi shows an increasingly beautiful, glassy, and deep shine over time. It is alive…
- It is very adhesive.
- It is very long-lasting.
- It has preserving and antimicrobial properties.

How to care for and maintain urushi products?

Both urushi and leather don’t like direct sunlight. The main care one can do for an urushi item is to actually use it. If it gets wet, don’t rub it but instead lightly pat it with a dry cloth and leave it to dry in the shade.
Do not use benzenes, cleaners, or waxes to clean or shine it.
The more time passes, the more the color of urushi becomes clear and takes on its true color.
If one strongly bends it or gouges at it, it may crack or flake.
If one uses the urushi item for a long time, it may flake off in places.
Urushi products are dried completely and so there is virtually no danger of skin irritation, but there are rare incidences of some irritation. If this happens, please consult with a physician.

What about deerskin do we need to remember?

Deerskin is not specially colored or processed in order to bring out its inherent character.
Consequently, its texture may change when it becomes wet (e.g., by rain) and color may bleed on to one’s clothing.
Deersking is obtained from the wild, and as a result one may see imperfections compared with other leathers, which one may appreciate as part of its natural beauty. Because each deerskin is slightly different, the color staining is different accordingly. If a deerskin product is used for a very long time, the original color of the deerskin may come through.
The deerskin may become damaged if one gouges at it.
It is easy for deerskin to absorb sweat and dirt, and may be difficult to clean.
There may be irregularities of color if one large deerskin is dyed at once.
Long exposure to sunlight may result in color fading.
The materials used for colouring deerskin, similar to those for other leathers, may change color over time.

What about python leather do we need to remember?

Usual care for python leather involves using a soft cloth to gently wipe off dust and dirt. Avoid using creams and sprays as they can cause blemishes and discoloration. The finer structure of python is relatively strong and the scales do not easily fall off. However, if the natural oils inside the leather dry out too much, the scales may stand up or crack, so some care and maintenance is needed.